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April 16, 2018



Work/Life Balance, this seems to be all anyone is talking about these days - finding the perfect “Work/Life” balance. Whether it is finding time for those Yoga classes or that weekly film date you have with your friend (because we are all the most middle class people ever, but you get the gist).  There is an emphasis on success not only being your career but also your personal life, which of course, in what is hopefully the era of flexible working (here’s looking at Mother Pukkas Flex Appeal ), is a winning formula to a happy life. 


It is something I have to say I absolutely love. The current generation, especially those in creative or freelance industries seem to always be so intent on being busy constantly. I include myself in this as I often feel as though a day or a week has been wasted if I am not running from one endeavour to another. I currently, juggle a full-time University course, a full-time job and then all of my blogging and freelance activity. Which to some seems ridiculous and there definitely days where I do question why I am killing myself to do so much but I have to say I do love being able to say that I am busy. 




Why? who knows, if anything it could be suggested that being busy is the opposite of impressive and possibly more reflective of bad timekeeping and prioritising. Whatever your opinion it is undeniable that this strive to keep constantly busy comes from our generations harsher economic climate and being lectured constantly that we need to be well rounded in every aspect of our lives, both professional and social. Through this naturally breeds a lifestyle and career span of being ‘ Multi-Hyphenated ’ (a beautiful term I learnt from the amazing and inspiring Emma Gannon - who if you have any interest in this weird world of multi-hyphenating she is the queen!) and constantly feeling the need to occupy ourselves. 



This is something I have definitely been enjoying for the last two years or so, but recently I have been feeling more and more as though it needed a clearer direction if I was to ever reach some element of cemented career and personal life. Hilariously alongside fashion blogging and documenting my outfits online for the past two years, I have also been working as part of the management team in a barbecue restaurant, not one of the most glamorous jobs but I’ve loved and enjoyed it for the last five years. It allowed me to have an insight into how a business is branded, marketed and made extremely popular from almost nothing - which ignited my passion for PR & Marketing which I then decided to do my degree in. Laterally being part of the management team was also an amazing experience as I got to be involved in the opening of a whole new business, training staff and learning a whole new dynamic whilst conveying the brand was so insightful and interesting to be a part of. 


But, as with most things, a time for change has come (how dramatic does that sound). I have decided to take a step back career-wise and try my hand at something new, working in retail. It sounds silly as I know this is something that most 17-year-olds accomplish every day but I am hoping this is the first step toward my career actually in the fashion industry, something I have literally been pining for the last few years. I will, of course, be continuing with my freelance work regarding digital marketing; in another job, I got a few months ago. A job with a company called Wraptor, an amazing App that works like a social media platform but for shopping, allowing you easy access to what your friends and family have wish-listed from different brands and sites. I couldn’t help myself but jump at a job that combined two of my favourite things: social media and shopping. 



In terms of these jobs, the next year of my life is hopefully looking pretty exciting and finally slightly focused on what I hopefully might make a career out of. Which has been a long time coming in all honesty.


There has been a lot of anxiety-filled days when thinking about what I wanted to do and leaving behind a well paid, comfortable job and some of my most favourite people that I have cherished working with for so many years. It is, of course, the job where I met the love of my life, some of my absolute best friends in the world that I still see nearly every day although we don’t work together anymore. These are all the same people that have both inspired these changes and helped me strive for something completely new but what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Changes like these are just something we all should look at making every once in a while, for not only our happiness in both professional life but in our personal.


SO yeah, that's just a little life update and my first diary style blog post - which I have to say has become my favourite style of post to read! Hopefully, my ramblings weren’t tedious and possibly inspired some people to make some positive changes.


Maria xx 

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