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Skin Talk

March 20, 2018

My   Favourite   Combination

(For My Combination Skin) 




Hello lovely people!


With spring, supposedly, round the corner, I felt it was time to introduce a beauty element to my blog.


This is something I have tried my hand at before but ultimately deleted due to just feeling it wasn't really an element I cared enough about to feature on my blog, in the last 18 months or so this has changed big time. I have truly found a passion and love for beauty and skincare, I can honestly say there is not a day that goes by where I don't read either an article or blog post on some kind of beauty and I almost NEVER fall asleep with my make up on (big step for me) even after a night out.


I thought I would gather together a post on all my favourite skin bits as I finally feel as though I have somewhat cracked my skin and makeup game.





The Skinny On My Favourite Skincare


To begin with, my skin is combination to oily and thee most temper-mental S.O.B you've met - even the most gentle products can set it off and I will end up with giant welts on my face (looking at you Dermologica). Not only is it combination it is also quite hormonal, which I know is quite normal for someone of my age but I have found a way to manage it. 



My everyday skin routine looks like this:


Step 1: Clean & Cleanse

Using a Micellar Water to remove the bulk of my makeup, I have no idea how people use this alone as I never feel as though it has fully removed and cleaned my skin. I then use the cult product that is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which to be honest is what sparked this love affair with skin care.


I'm sure you are all aware of this amazing and easy to use product by Liz Earle but I honestly cannot speak more highly of it, this product has changed the entire texture and surface of my skin. It is such a gentle way to exfoliate and remove dirt and makeup from every part of your face, by simply applying one pump of this product all over my face, gently massaging my face and then washing it off using a hot cloth - it is a dream!

I cleanse with this product twice a day, once in the morning and then again at night.


Step 2 (Morning): Tone It Up!

I use the Liz Earle toner on a cotton pad and gently over the majority of my face, this definitely enhances the smoothness that the cleanser gives to your skin. Toning is also a great way to prevent breakouts, it simply tightens up your pores and locks in all the goodness of your cleanser. I also find when I use this it adds an extra glow to my skin, which looks fab under makeup or when going bare-faced!


Step 2 (Evening) : Get Into Acid

Who doesn't love some Acid? Glycolic and Salicylic Acid that is.


Using these skin-perfecting acids is not something that may be news to some but it definitely was to me. I have tried the bloggers favourite Pixie Glow Tonic and for some reason, it just didn't seem to really make a difference to my skin but then Glossier released their product 'The Solution' and I jumped at the chance to get my hands on this product before it sold out.


This product claimed to "Transform skin in four weeks" which is quite the claim and certainly something someone with skin similar to mine is dying to hear - a miracle product. Not that I was overly dubious as I had tried other massively hyped products by Glossier and absolutely loved them but other than the Liz Earle products I have never really found myself blown away by any other products. But I gave it a go and after 4-6 weeks of using it the difference in my skin has been amazing - breakouts have been a thing of the past and I swear any small blemishes I have gotten in that time were quickly eradicated overnight with no harshness to my skin.


I have read a varied amount of reviews on this product, some of them not so positive and written by people much more qualified than myself but I definitely have found this has worked wonders for me. 100% I will be repurchasing when I run out and if you fancying purchasing yourself I have a discount code for 10% off: 


I use this product in the evenings so I can get the full benefit of it being on my skin for a prolonged period of time uninterrupted by makeup, also due to the precise exfoliating nature of this product it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so this is something to be aware of. 


Step 3 (Morning): Moisturising


After completing my skincare regimen in the morning I moisturise my skin, depending on the makeup look I want to go for that day I will apply this in certain ways.


If I am aiming for a 'No Make-Up' make-up day I will apply the Origins Ginzing and Orange moisturiser heavily, really buffing it into the key areas on my face that I want an extra dewy glow from. I found a great hydration hack from make-up artist and ambassador for the glowy, 'Glossier' look Katie Hughes, she advises that buffing in a more stimulating way in certain areas of your face will achieve a better blood flow and will allow for a better hydration. This achieves an all over more hydrated and dewy look in these areas of the face. I change this slightly when attempting a more matte and full coverage look, either using a gel-based moisturiser or only using the Origins moisturiser in the areas of my face that tend to dry over the course of the day. 


Regardless of the style of make-up look, I am going for I find this is the best moisturiser as it just keeps the skin super hydrated and healthy looking and can even act as a great primer if you are going for a minimal look!


Step 3 (Evening): Prevention and Renewal

Origins is a great, natural brand that really cares about skin and all of their products smell like an absolute dream... For this reason, I also use their Ginzing Eye Cream and Original Skin Renewal Serum on those areas I want to either prevent lines and ageing (I may be young but its never too soon to start in my opinion) or clear up old scars and marks. The glossier solution has definitely cleared up a lot of the marks from acne on my skin but the serum just provides an extra layer of care for your skin - it also acts as a great primer for under makeup! 


Now For The Face Paint




I am not going to fully go through my make-up regime but simply talk about the products I love and wouldn't be without, beginning with my favourite primer. This primer is a bit of a splurge but one I happy to make, the YSL Touche Éclat primer is amaze - it has a gel base that instantly illuminates with its light reflecting flecks throughout. The gel consistency makes visible pores appear reduced and skin is smoothed, unlike most silicone gel based primers it does not leave make-up feeling like it has not fully absorbed into the skin but rather blends perfectly.




After swearing off Double Wear once and for all a few years ago I had been on a constant search for something full coverage, long lasting but also glowy. I had genuinely given up and thought I would be destined to a life of mixing matte foundations and dewy light foundations - then a friend introduced me to this foundation.



The Kat Von D Liquid 'Lock It' Foundation is life changing, my favourite elements of it are that it literally does not budge all day and the smallest amount applied with a beauty blender goes a long way. Not only does it stay all day but it doesn't oxidise, go patchy, fall into the creases and lines of your face and feels super lightweight. I have a super oily T-Zone that cannot be tamed but the Lock It foundation certainly stands its own ground for most of the day even at work. It comes in an amazing range of shades and variations of warmth and coolness which is great. The price point for this foundation is fab also, at £27.50 it's definitely more affordable than most higher end foundations - double wear included.



Liquid highlighter and I have never been friends, whether it is my bad application or my full coverage foundation did not mix well with it I had all but fully given up on ever using it - until I tried the Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Fluid. I picked this up when there was an offer on in Urban Decay and got it at a steal but I will definitely be repurchasing as I love how it adds a natural glow to my full coverage foundation. When it says 'Liquid Illuminator' it really describes the product perfectly, if like me you love a matte base but also want a dewy look (because what is life without being contrary) it is your best bet - when placed on the high points of your face it adds an almost wet look but in the best way. It holds well and adds such a natural touch to any makeup look!




Well done for getting to this stage, you, unfortunately, win nothing other than my eternal gratitude for reading my ramblings.


Last but not least, I will rarely be seen minus a lip paint of some form and this is my favourite - The Kat Von D - 'Everlasting' liquid lipstick in Double Dare. Its as close as I get to a natural lip, this liquid lipstick is lightweight and doesn't peel off like most leaving you looking like you've chewed off half your lips. It dries almost instantly and stays on forever - it has to be one of the products I would choose to never run out of. 

If you haven't tried these lipsticks you're missing out!







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