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A Gift Guide For The Fashionable Gal

December 15, 2017


​Festive greetings! How we are in the depths of December I do not know, Christmas 2017 ALREADY!? The countdown is well and truly on as I write this the week before Christmas, surrounded by the contents of my Christmas purchases for loved ones and so on.


As we all know that last minute dash for gifts for our nearest and dearest, I thought I might help anyone in a funk over what to get that particularly fashion focused gal in their life. The issue with this person is the fear of just WHAT to get them that will truly make their Christmas, that they also didn't choose themselves. This is something my boyfriend has voiced to me around festive seasons, that buying for someone that is consistently updating their wardrobe and accessories collection can be a real perplexing task.


Obviously, it goes without saying that any gift would be welcomed and thanked for the generosity and thoughtfulness but we all know the slight competitive streak that comes out in us all around this time of year where nothing but the absolute best gift ever ever ever ever, will do. This is a type of madness that I definitely experience, questions such as "But will they use this?", "That would be really funny but is it worth it for the joke?", "Do they even reaaaaaaallly like this theme/colour/style?" race around my head. So come this time of year I always like to turn to our dear helpful internet for gift guides, favourites of mine being the '12 Days of Giftmas' by Liv Purvis (What Olivia Did) and the always aesthetically pleasing Kate La Vie. Both are great in their strong gifting ideas but also the diversity for both male and females!


*Disclaimer* Men are almost harder to buy for sometimes than women*


So with this in mind I thought I would try my own hand a gift guide for the stylish woman in your life, I have chosen some of my favourite pics from a brand I truly love - Warehouse. Warehouse to me is one of the best hughstreet brands that bring such a great selection of well made garments and accessories at amazingly affordable prices, which is always a plus!


SO without further ado, lets begin:


Stars in your eyes:

The astrology theme for accessories and clothing is massive right now, with all the leading brands jumping on board! Adding a bit of sparkle to any outfit with these accessories is also the perfect way to nail the perfect festive look.


The Comfies Wearer:

We all know that one gal (all of us secretly) that no matter the time of day, if she doesn't have to venture out in public again the comfies will be on. Comfies by definition are a social accepted stylish middle between clothes and pyjamas, perfect for quiet nights in or Christmas vegging in front of the TV. So what gift could be more perfect than something extremely soft? Enter in cashmere ANYTHING. 



The Clasher:

Another fabulous trend that has graced us this year is that of clashing, whether it be patterns, colours or textures, everything is all about the clash. For the quirkier dresser that loves a statement piece these are just right.





The Handbag Fiend:

It is just good knowledge that there is little better in life than a good handbag, specifically a cross-body. The cross-body has truly been the bag of the year, merging practicality with style = the dream. These are my truly dreamy pics of the bags that will excite anyone on Christmas morning! Most of these are real leather and all under £50 which is an unreal bargain, luxury without the luxury tag.








I hope this guide sheds some light into the complex matter of buying for the fabulous lady in your life!



Merry Christmas!












For more Christmas inspo check out the link below: 




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