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The Uniformity of Personal Style

October 17, 2017


Outfit Details: Mango Coat (Old) , BDG Axyl Jeans, Topshop Pumps (Sold Out) and Vivienne Westwood Bag


Although the concept of a uniform typically brings to mind a less than stylish or even pleasant memory of the uniform of school days past, a polyester nightmare combined with other unknown scratchy materials.

Recently I have found myself thinking more and more of the idea of a personal uniform and what that is. Personal uniform in my mind is made up of those garments that we reach for nearly everyday, those items that make us feel like our best self and portray whatever identity that we feel personifies us on that day. This post has been inspired by the fabulous podcast 'Get It On' by the vintage queen Dawn O'Porter which is just wonderful, interviewing some of the most amazing people in the current Fashion/Media industry and discovering how they interpret their own personal style choices. This made me question then why we wear certain items more than others, why we define our individual style with particular garments that reflect our personal lives. 





Something that I love about this idea of personal style itself is the versatility of it, the personal touches that can be noticed on every individuals choice of 'uniform' per se. Whether it is a devotion to only dressing in a certain colour or having the amazing skill of being able to perfectly clash certain items together, these are the small personal choices that make up an individuals uniform.





Personally I feel as though recently I have accomplished the impossible and found the perfect pair of relaxed fit 'Girlfriend Jeans' and in all honesty I have struggled to take them off since.


The jeans in question are the 'BDG Axyl Jeans' from Urban Outfitters , after seeing some of my favourite style bloggers rave about them I decided to try them for myself and I was not disappointed. They hug you in all the right places, even giving me (someone who has the opposite of 'Junk in the trunk') the illusion of a pert behind - I told you they accomplished the impossible, but are also the most beautifully soft denim. Finding these wonderful jeans have been the answer to any style rut I have found myself in typically day to day styling. 






I often find myself being the wildly overdressed person or the one struggling to obtain the perfect balance of the day to day look. As a lover of loud, obnoxiously printed and coloured garments styling can be the struggle of finding the perfect complimentary items that strike a balance of both muting my loud sartorial choices and being comfy (which is of the upmost importance) . Now I am by no means suggesting these jeans are in any way a revelation that only I have discovered but simply a personal wardrobe conquest.


The light wash denim has been an ideal way to style out some of my louder blouse or top choices allowing me to inject them into a casual daytime look. Which has also lead me to feeling like at the grand old age of 21 that I have somewhat got a handle on what kind of a personal uniform I feel best portrays me and compliments my day to day life.








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