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April 12, 2017


Well, hello there, it's been a while... some nine months to be exact. It has been a busy lock of months I must say, there has been quite a lot going on. Since I last wrote on here I have been dabbling in much, to begin with I had my first insight into the industry of fashion (an experience that was eye opening to say the least) which began around the same time of my last post. This was an extremely exciting time that was an amazing opportunity that was brought on by this little page of mine.


Something I totally should have documented on here but alas that did not happen. In one way this experience brought with it a subsequent new career path that definitely enlightened me to something I actually might want to do with my life, which is amazing as I spent the previous 10 years without a clue. Lastly, all the while this malarky has been going on I have also began and finished a semester of University. So, you could say I have been somewhat busy.





This busy period unfortunately  took me slightly away from what was my first endeavour within this online fashion industry, my blog. I started this blog last year after falling in love with the online community of Blogger's and Vlogger's of the like. I found myself never missing a single post from some of my favourite bloggers; Megan Ellaby (Pages By Megan), Lizzy Hadfield (Shot From The Street) and Alex Stedman (The Frugality) to name a few.


It was an amazing concept to me that these fab ladies not only wore largely very affordable clothes that were styled in such wonderful ways that one would never think of but that this was their careers, I LOVED IT. How they combined some of my favourite things, high street fashion, photography and writing; I was instantly sold. Not that the career aspect of it was the only thing that inspired me to give it a go, obviously my clothes obsession and putting my shopping obsession to actual use was an interesting idea to me, but it was such an unusual notion to me that this was someones job. I am a sucker for a good 'fake' job, they amaze me and I am forever jealous of these people who find this weird and wonderful careers. So this aspect did definitely play a massive part in pushing me to start a blog of my own and I am glad it did. 




I digress, the crux of what I am saying is that it makes me sad that I've let this slide slightly due to being ever so slightly busy for the first time in my life. SFashion, Photography and Writing.o with this in mind here we are! I am back and I vowed (Yes, way back in January) to endeavour to regularly write these blog posts and do what I always intended to do; stop talking about it and actually do it!. Whether or not anyone is reading, which I hope some are, I am going to put into practice what I love and would love to do.


Here's to actually sticking to it!


Speaking of which, I thought I would actually begin one of my more waffley posts with one of my favourite current trends; Red. Red is having a huge moment right now and I'm absolutely loving it. With Burnt Orange being my favourite colour I am definitely not opposed to the overload of red! For this post I thought I would whip out some of my favourite red items; this Zara leather jacket was a gift from my lovely boyfriend and it is honestly one of my favourite possessions. It was the fourth in the Zara's SS16 range of coloured faux leather jackets and it fits like a dream. Faux leather can be a tricky one sometimes, avoiding the plastic look of some can be a difficult task. As per Zara is usually my first port of call for jackets and with this red one, I was certainly not disappointed. I had my heart set on a red leather for a while after seeing the beauty of the Acne ones, obviously a slightly more unattainable jacket for the time being... 




I find red to be just as much as a staple colour as black, for me it is a colour that can be worn interchangeably throughout the seasons. With SS17 on the horizon this is ideal, when living in Northern Ireland you cannot always be guaranteed the most pleasant weather. So to have a range of items ready to be worn as layered or standalone items in such as beautiful colour, is a dream. 


Speaking of staples, Leopard print is another of my capsule wardrobe must haves; like black and white I consider leopard a classic that is perfect for any season or occasion. This outfit in general would fall into my capsule wardrobe category, the leopard print dress with its ruffle cuffs and bodice incorporates perfectly the trends of last Spring/Summer that have been carried all the way from the fall to now. 




Finally, my darling bag. This bag is honestly one of my favourite handbags I've owned, I've always been one for a cross body bag, they are definitely my favoured style over a class shoulder bag. This one comes from the lovely Cambridge Satchel Company, called the 'Patent Push Lock Bag' it came with the option of embossing my initials, which I thought would be a nice touch. This bag smells like a leather dream and it is surprisingly roomy, 

maybe it's the leather that softens and stretches or it is intact a real life Mary Poppins bag as it fits a lot. The burgundy red colour was an obvious choice for such a classic bag, it would see me through the years adding me a pop of colour to some of my more monochromatic outfits. I cannot recommend one of these bags enough! 


M x

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