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April 24, 2016



 Happy Sunday y'all, hopefully everyone's day has been filled with very little, as every good sunday should be. Sunday's are my absolute favourite, i'm off work and I am gauranteed some down time to do the things I truly love, like drink coffee and write some silly posts about the things I spend all my money on. What could be better?


Speaking of which, as spring has well and truly sprung in the last few weeks I have started to plan and buy some of my new season essentials. As you've seen,this post is called 'The Biker Editon', so you're probably thinking that a biker jacket is hardly summer wear.... Fear not I am aware, but I am also aware that I live in Northern Ireland and that hot summer days can be fleeting and often met with the occassional spout of rainy days. So when riffling through Zara website last week, looking for some summer inspiration, I came across what can only be described as the dream jacket for anyone like me that wears a leather biker year round.


This £40 beauty from Zara is right on trend, the soft leather and beautiful colour of the pastel blue is perfect for your spring/summer wardrobe. The silver hardware that decorates the jacket gives the supple, blue beauty the edge it needs. The cropped style of the jacket isnt something I would usually be a fan off but I bought it in a large to avoid the full cropped effect, leaving it the perfect shape and size to wear with a dress or skirt.





 So anyway, this inspired me to write a post on how to style a jacket even in the warmer months. Biker jackets are my absolute favourite, I struggle on those truly boiling days not to wear a jacket. I own three biker jackets that are close to my heart, my green suede one from last year's winter collection from Mango and my classic black leather one, also from Mango (there may be a theme here). Both of these jackets were love at first sight and all that I had been missing from my wardrobe.


What I love about these jackets is the feminine edge they give the summer prints, as I would'nt be the biggest fan of the girly look that comes with summer, much to my mother's dismay. This dress is the piece I am most excited about for summer, it's right on the Prairie trend for this season but with a monochrome base. The green shade of the Mango suede jacket compliments the red and blue of the dress perfectly.

 My black biker is classic, the jacket that everyone should have as a wardbrobe staple as it is so easy to throw on and is gauranteed to look good with anything. This I bought from Mango's premium range, it's so soft and such a lovely leather fabric. The leather is such high quailty for the moderate high street price, I bought it quite a while ago so I cant remember the exact price but there are similar ones that retail at £90. Even in summer I will probably still rock an all black look, so I decded to pair it with a crocodile print boot and pop of colour in the form of my beloved Kate Spade bag. Think 'Summer Goth' meets, normal summer person I guess..

These were an absolute bargain in a H&M sale before christmas, £25, which was amazing as I had been lusting after a very similar pair in Office for almost three times that. They are so comfortable and have a wonderful sized heel that will allow the wearer to go from day to night with ease. My favourite kind of shoe!


 To conclude my long, rambling post about my obsession with jackets, I am so excited for the warmer weather. No more worrying about tights with ladders or if i'll be warm enough on an evening out, bare legs, a simple yet underrated pleasure that us that live in Britain and N.Ireland rarely get. So to finish here are some more pictures of my wonderful new jacket that I will probably never have off me this summer! Wahey.









Over and out...


M x



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